Strange (but cool) splits

I did a nice run today, nothing planned just 8 or so miles. I planned to do an 8 miler I usually do up to Clarkston and down Cathcart, but half way in I thought I’d do a new route through Pollok park, Bella Park and up Nithsdale.

I kept it nice and easy throughout and the hills were a bit various, not the usual up on the way out (away from the Clyde) down on the way back home (to the Clyde).

Nice n easy, heart rate between 140-167 on the hill in Pollok Park (152 on average). Pace wasn’t even a thought, it was just an outcome of my effort.

For some reason, I ran the first mile fastest, then up to the half way point each mile after that was slower and slower. Then from after the 5th mile split, I got faster and faster and faster.

Strange, but cool. 😉 (I think).

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