HB Wk24 into Wk25

Last week was a good recovery after the Skye Half marathon. My feet were a little sore until Wednesday, so I took an extra few days of rest. Before I knew it I hadn’t run since Saturday.

We travelled / got the ferry on Friday, from Ardrossan to Brodick. So a full 6 rest days for me. Plenty walking and I got a quick leg massage on Thursday where the woman said my legs were in great shape for having just done a half. 🙂

Back to Arran, we got there around lunchtime on Friday and checked into our guest house. Then we had a nice walk around Brodick and had a nice meal out. I had fish which was really tasty. Plus a wee sticky toffee pudding.

On my birthday, we did things which make me happy, so:

Early morning run before breakfast
Cards and presents
Full breakfast
Nice long walk in the sun around Brodick and around with Fit Girl Two ice creams
Adventure playground (where nearly broke myself)
Two ice creams
Flying my kite
Nice dinner out

We had a good walk up towards Glen Rosa and up a nice wooden forrest bit around a river.

This was the big slide that nearly broke me. You maybe had to be there, but…

I went up…

And up… then down… on the way down I lifted my feet up, and some how I kind of went sideways. The sounds we funny. Bump, bump, ooooohhh, ahhhh, bump, bump, bump.

I came out with a skinned knee and bruised back, but I was laughing a lot. Let’s just say I didn’t go back for more.

After the park, we had an ice cream, then we walked some more. The wind was up a little bit, and whilst it wasn’t the best weather for kite flying, I got some good flights.

Lovely day. 🙂

After about 9 miles walking, two ice creams and the rest. 🙂

I think we’ll come back one day to climb Goat Fell and see some more of the island. 🙂

On Sunday morning we went for another run. The weather started off a bit drizzly on Saturday for our run but on Sunday it was gorgeous.

Action shot. 😉

Here are some of my cards I got:

From my brother and family. 😉

From my dad n step mum

From Fit Girl and her Mum n Dad. ‘MR FOX!!’ I shouted when I opened it. Lol

I got lots of nice presents including my new trainers, a couple of running tops, some bright shorts, a book, a pair of funny socks, and quite a few mars bars.

I’ve been reading my book whilst away:

I’ve read about eating, drinking, how and when to eat and sleep.

I’m a few lbs above my ‘racing’ or ‘fighting’ weight, so now after my holiday I’m going to change a few things up.

Breakfast: Berries, Greek yoghurt, oatcake. Coffee

Snack: Protein shake

Lunch: Tomato, veg, low fat cheese, salsa, egg.

Snack: nuts

Dinner: Meat and veg. Or eggs and tomatoes etc.

Aiming for natural foods and plenty of water.

The aim is to get back into my exercise this week and next, and hopefully improve what I’m eating too.

This week’s exercise:

Mon: Rest (1.5 hrs walking)
Tue: 8M run
Wed: 5M run
Thu: Run coaching
Fri: Rest
Sat: 10M run
Sun: Rest

All running, and a bit of walking and a few coaching sessions. I’m meeting two new people this week to see if I can help them.

Then I’m hoping to include strength, swimming and running in my weekly schedule:

Mon AM: Swim PM: coaching/strength
Tue AM: Run PM: PM: coaching/strength / rest / spin
Wed AM: Swim PM: PM: coaching/strength
Thu AM: Run PM: Date night!
Fri AM: Rest
Sat: Long run
Sun: Rest or run/strength / missed workout

2 swims
3 runs
1-3 coaching (instead of my own training)
1 strength session (mon/tue/wed)
1-2 rest days
1 date night too perhaps!

I might be taking a trip to Aberdeen on Friday of this week if I can sort it. A very special lady I knew passed away last week, and I’m hoping to go to her funeral if I can make it.

She was a lovely woman, full of wise words and straight talking. She called a spade a spade, and said quite a few things which will stay with me forever. I’ll share them later this week if I get a chance.

In the meantime, it’s back to normal and back to work on Tuesday after a great time off. 😉 let’s hope this weather stays fine for a bit longer.

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