Day 1 on Arran

We got to Arran just after lunch time and got to our nice little guest house at about 2pm.

We had some good lentil soup on the ferry to keep us going.

Here’s me with Arran in the background. The weather is stunning. It was a bit blowy on the boat, bit it’s nice and sheltered in Brodick. When we got here we went for a nice wee walk and investigated Brodick a little.

We went out for a good meal tonight, fish for me followed by sticky toffee pudding and ice cream. And we got some plans together for (my birthday) tomorrow.

So the plan is, get up early and go for a good pre breakfast run around Brodick Castle grounds. Then we’ll come back, get a good breakfast and then go for a nice walk up Glen Rosa.

We’re maybe not as prepared as we could be for hill walking, but it should be nice tomorrow and I’m sure the walk in the glen will be nice. Looking forward to it.

A nap will probably follow, then we’re out for my birthday meal later. 🙂 (ooh, and I have lots of cards and presents to open at some point too!).

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