Rest, cake, ice cream n trainers!

It’s been a funny week. Yesterday, Wednesday was the first time my feet felt ok after the Skye half marathon on Saturday. The arches / plantar on my feet have been so sore.

They’re only just back to normal now after 4-5 days of rest, still with slight twinges of pain which can’t be ideal. Running fast IS bad for you!

Apart from my wee coaching session on Monday, and my usual walks, I’ve not done any exercise since Saturday. It feels strange, but I know it’s good for me.

It’s my birthday on Saturday, and we’re away to Arran in Friday for a few nights, so I’m going to continue to take it easy. Maybe go a run on my birthday, maybe not. I’ll take my trainers anyway. Some nice meals out, maybe some walks and some cycles, and some more recovery I think. Some cake or ice cream too perhaps?!

Talking of trainers, someone suggested to me that my feet might be sore due to my trainers being done in. And they might have a point! I have run quite a lot in them since I got them. Worth a try.

Lucky I’m getting a new pair for my birthday then isn’t it? 😉

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