Wk23 into Wk24

Last week finished on a high, my rather unexpected half marathon PB and negative split, (I’ll write / post about it in the next few days) … But for now I’m sore and walking funny, and looking forward to some more recovery.

My feet are the sorest parts, the arches of my feet, then my calves, and my shoulders. The usual suspects. Nothing a big bit of sleep, rest, active recovery and good food won’t fix.

Walking downstairs is painful and rather strange looking, but it feels like it should wear off by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. My smart Garmin 620 said I should recover for 3 days, so I’ll take that on board.

The long 5 hour drive home today was tough, but I’m glad I stayed the extra night. I had a wee stop off at Corran Ferry and said hello to my Granny before going on and getting home around 3pm. Out for dinner, then I had a nap. Lol. Back to work tomorrow.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: AM 2000m swim, PM Run coaching
Tue: Rest (+ 3M walking)
Wed: AM 2000m swim, PM 5.6M Run wi Fit Girl
Thu: 10M run (5M wi Gill)
Fri: Rest & Travel
Sat: Skye Half Marathon PB 🙂
Sun: Rest & Travel & Nap!

I didn’t get good sleeps when I was away. I think it was maybe because I’m used to sleeping in a dark room, and the light flooded into the room I was staying in, at about 4am. So I found myself awake at 4am both mornings, and drifted in and out of sleep. So who knows how much sleep I got each night.

The event was great, as was spending time with a very nice lady I haven’t seen for 5 or so years. Plenty of good chats and time spent together this weekend.

Next week, and for the next two weeks in fact, my focus is on recovery. It looks like it’ll be a nice day tomorrow, casual shorts and perhaps my race Tshirt and medal for work I think. ;-P

1 day recovery for each mile raced, apparently. I’ll be back to training of some structure wc 30th June.

Here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: AM Rest PM Run coaching
Tue: Rest
Wed: AM Swim
Thu: 5M run (or swim depending on how I’m feeling)
Fri: Rest (on leave up to and incl mon)
Sat: Rest and birthday cake!
Sun: Rest
Mon: Rest (back to work Tue).

Plenty walking and active recovery. Plenty sleep and good food. And maybe a bit of cake on Saturday. 🙂

I wonder how many hours of sleep I’ll bag tonight?!

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