Skye and offline :-)

I wrote this before today’s race, I’ll post an update of how it went, soon. 🙂

I got to Skye at about 3pm on Friday afternoon. A long 5.5 hour drive there, the weather was a bit rainy, but the scenery was amazing as usual. I tend to forget that Scotland is so beautiful.

Here’s the route and elevation.

According to the local newspaper is considered one of the toughest, with hills and undulations. Great stuff. 🙂 I’m just looking forward to the downhills (weeeeeeeeeee – and will get up the uphills ok).

Now I’ve not got much internet reception so I’ve got no idea when this will post, but it’s 8am just now, and I’m just about to get up for breakfast before the start time of 1030. I’m about a half hour away from Portree where it starts.

I got number 88, and have some new magnets to stick my number to my Tshirt. I’ll be wearing my orange pink shorts and my fluorescent yellow Tshirt (and water pack etc), pink trainers for luck. 🙂

As I’m not sure about getting internet access, I possibly won’t be posting on my Facebook page much, unless I can get access somewhere.

I’ve decided driving that long way back today after running a half might not be the best idea, so I’m going to stay another night and drive back on Sunday. 🙂

It’s been quite a nice forced break already actually.

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