Having my cake and eating it

I had some cake today. And I had a couple of handfuls of maltesers at work as well.

I’ve also had people say to me:
‘You eat SO much!’

And here’s the reason why I can have my cake and eat it:

– 5.6 miles running last night <http://connect.garmin.com/activity/518600712>
– after 80 lengths in the pool yesterday morning,
– 10 miles running today <http://connect.garmin.com/activity/518935956>….
– And a Half marathon on Saturday….
– Plus about an hour of walking / stairs etc.

421 cals + 350 cals + 750 cals + 1000 cals + 300 cals = 2,821 cals burnt.
(across 3 days).

… I’m allowed as many maltesers as I want… 😉

I eat to fuel myself and my activity, and I treat myself every now and again.

I still keep ‘moderation’ in mind and try to keep ‘eating healthy’ in mind, but being so active allows me to have some treats every now and again. I earn them after all.

It’s all just a case of balancing it out, being disciplined when I need to, and enjoying life too. I’ve found what works for me. Yippee.

Being active and eating plenty and eating well has helped me be healthy, happy, at the same weight for years, and have my cake and eat it!

What do you do to earn yours? 😉
And do you know what works for you?

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