How I avoid sinus headaches after swimming

I’ve been swimming since I can remember. Age 2-3 in the pool with arm bands and flippers on. I was lucky. My Dad taught me, and by the time I was 8 I was swimming lengths of front crawl.

By the time I was 19 I decided swimming would be a good way to get fit and got up early three times a week to swim 120 lengths. At the start it took me 1:20, but after lots of practice (my early morning swims) I perfected my stroke, added in tumble turns and cut the time down to 55 minutes. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect. 🙂

Now I swim 80 lengths in just under 40 minutes, and really enjoy swimming. But in the last year I’ve been struck by something that really puts me off swimming.

My sinuses were reacting really badly, and after a swim I tended to get a really bad ‘hangover’. It would knocks out for hours after I swam:

Really sore head, blocked up, not nice. Feeling all cold and shivery, then hot and sweaty! And it definitely scored swimming off my list, which was a shame as I love it!

Anyway, since the start of the year I’ve been keen to use swimming as a form of cross training to my running, so I googled it at came up with this solution to my problem / hangover:

1. I take a steroid nasal spray for when I feel bunged up generally / daily when I need it: flixonaise (from the Dr).

2. Half an hour before I swim, I take a sudafed (phenylephrine hydrochloride).

3. As I swim, I wear a nose clip. (One of the three below!) get one from or

4. I drink plenty water before, during and after my swim. 🙂

My Dad (retired GP) said this might be an option instead of the sudafed, so I might try that once my sudafed is finished.

There we have it. I can swim again! Yahoo! 🙂

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