Wk22 into Wk23

This week was better than last week, I’d given up on trying to do strength as running was more important. I got 3 good runs in and 2 swims and a couple of rest days too:

Mon: AM 2000m swim
PM: 3-4M Run coaching
Tue: Rest
Wed: AM 5.65M run with 3 miles tempo
Thu: AM 10M easy
Fri: AM 2000m swim
Sat: Rest
Sun: 5M run

The run on Wednesday was very informative. I was going to aim for a PB in Skye next Saturday (14th), but that would mean me trying to run it in under 1:39, or 7:30 minute miles. I was planning on pushing myself with my HR at 165, which is hard, but usually results in fast times for me.

However I think I’ve lost a bit of fitness after the marathon… When I ran 3 tempo miles on Wednesday, the result of me pushing hard was 7:22, 7:55 and 7:52. On the flat. So no where close to my PB.

No where near my target pace, but hellish hard, and I didn’t like it much.

So I’ve decided that I’m not going to chase my PB in Skye, I’m just going to run as I feel and not push it too much. There are some good hills on the route, so they might help me, but in going to enjoy it, take it all in and have fun. And not think about my time.

I’ve had a good weekend with my Dad in Stonehaven this week, and am looking forward to seeing a good friend of the family next weekend in Skye.

I got two good swims in this week, and will probably do a 4th swim tomorrow, plus I’m off work on Friday to travel. so next week will no doubt look like this:

Sun: 5M easy run
Mon: AM swim / PM 3-4M run coaching
Tue: Edinburgh with work / Rest
Wed: Swim
Thu: 5M easy
Fri: Rest & Travel
Sat: Half Marathon & Travel
Sun: Rest

It’ll take a long time to get to and from Skye so I’m planning a good long trip with plenty of rests, food and stops.

Oh and our garden is almost finished now (mostly down to fit girl).

I just need to paint the fence and get the decking sorted and perhaps improve the lawn a bit (either with seed, or return the whole thing). We’ll see!

Driving home today, in the rain, should be fun! Again I foresee lots if rests and stops, before we hopefully go out for dinner tonight when I get home.

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