Lucky I have quick reactions …

Tonight Jasper and I got to Stonehaven and all we’ve done since is chat, and eat.

A nice salmon dinner followed by a tasty fruit salad and ice cream.

Then earlier tonight, thanks to these fleece lined and woollen babies… I accidentally slipped on the top stair and clattered down about 6 stairs.

Luckily, due to my quick reactions, I don’t think I hurt anything. I’ll maybe feel it tomorrow!! Eeeeek! It would have been a nightmare if I’d have hurt myself seriously. Phew!

Plenty stories from my dad tonight, the one about me when I was 4 was nice.

He said I came in one day from playing on my bike (which has stabilisers). I said I had taken them off, and he thought I’d asked to have them taken off. Then we went out and he realised I said I’d taken them off.

Then he asked if I wanted him to show me how to ride it without them, and I said I’d already been doing it up and down the street. Lol. I was independent and practical then too.

I’m off for an early swim tomorrow, should be good. 🙂

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