Week 22 Training & Travel

A wee update to my training plan this week, I took a rest day on Tuesday after I only slept 5 hours on Monday night… I woke at 1am and lay awake until about 4 or 5. Sleep was more important at 630am, than getting up for my planned run.

So here’s what I’ve done / what I’m doing:

Mon: AM 2000m swim
PM: 3-4M Run coaching
Tue: Rest
Wed: AM 5.65M run with 3 miles tempo
Thu: AM 10M easy
Fri: AM 2000m swim
Sat: Rest
Sun: 5M run

Today’s run wasn’t too nice, I ran steady for a mile, all very flat along the Clyde, then against my comfort, pushed it until my heart rate was around 165 or more.

I was aiming to push it for 3 miles and as soon as I started the hard it fast work, I was willing it to be over. Lol.

But I stuck with it, remembering this phrase from Cris Walsh, Bellahouston Harrier:

> If you want to run the best marathon of your life you need to push hard. Of course it’s horrible, who said it was easy? Push through that feeling for 5 minutes and your body will adjust.

Here’s my heart rate. Up at 167 for most of it. Nasty. Horrible. Yuk. And the result? A 7:22, 7:58 and 7:52 minute mile. And about a 23:22 min 5k. Mmmmmmm. Not sure it’s worth it! Lol.

Tomorrow is a nice long and easy 10 mile run in the morning before I travel to my dads. The forecast is heavy rain, so the run should be fun, the drive – not so much. I’ll just take my time and get there.

Looking forward to spending 3 days with my Dad. 🙂

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