Chain reaction of change

When you’re changing your lifestyle, I suggest you look at what you want to improve upon and then change your life bit by bit for the better. One change a week = 52 changes in a year, and with 52 changes you have the potential of being a totally different person.

Find out what’s the most important thing you need to change – More sleep? Better nutrition? More exercise?

Whatever it is, changing one thing consistently and you can change everything:

Here’s an example:

Getting to bed earlier
Waking up easier and earlier
Time for some exercise before you start your day
A relaxing shower and breakfast without rushing
Leaving for work and arriving on time or early
Focus and productivity throughout the day
Leaving work on time
Having enough time for your evening routine and responsibilities
Time to unwind and prepare for the best day

One small change.

What are you going to change for the better? 🙂

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