2 week plan for Skye HM

After the last week of much soreness, I thought it might be sensible to put together a training plan to take me up to the half m. This last week was full of rest, and another rest day today whee I’m not doing a lot.

Here’s the plan:

– A couple of swims a week,
– 4 runs and
– A couple of rest days.
(And no leg breaking weights!)

The yellow squares are when I’m off work and away from home.

I’m hoping to chase my PB at the Skye Half on the 14th June. I don’t often do it, as I don’t like the pressure (I put myself under), but I’m going to try and push it I think, if I’m feeling ok on the day. I’ll aim to run with my HR at about 165. Pace and time will (again) be a result of my effort.

The last half PB I got was on a run I did around Glasgow in December 2012. You can read about it here. https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2012/12/15/wk50-13-1m-half-marathon-pb/

1:38 or 7:30 min miles. Avg HR about 163!

We’ll see what happens. Here’s the route map and elevation uphill at the start, then downhill for a bit, a little hill, and then up again to mile 10, then done hill. Looks good. 🙂

Oh and last thing, I’ve started my caffeine fast today. Two weeks without it then boooom, 325mg on race day, thank you very much! 🙂 should help me fly again hopefully.

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