People are GREAT!

This last week has been a funny week. I had a good weekend with 3 days off and plenty of sleep and recovery.
Then I went right back into 4 days back at work and bedlam.

Projects, at least three of them, two I got started and nearly finished and another few I didn’t get started.
Add them on top of the day job, it’s no wonder I was at work til 7pm tonight. Oops.
It was all going so well until I realised there wasn’t enough hours left today.

I started the week full of concern that I wouldn’t get done what I needed to.
But I got a hell of a lot done and helped and supported a lot of people along the way.
I worked hard, was effective at work and made my mark and helped people.

Exercise was a dive bomb though.
I was sore for four days, really sore legs.
With aching hamstrings from Sunday, I ended up not really being able to run until Friday. (4 days rest! Eek!)
I got the balance back at the end of the week, but I can imagine I won’t be doing much this weekend but relaxing and having fun.

I started the week full of concerns.
Concerns about workloads and concerns about maybe not being able to sleep.
But as the week went on, I got my sleep and I got on with the tasks in hand at work, I got over it.

At the start of the week, I’d lost the balance in my life,
And I’d lost my cape too.
I was trying to find it and tie it back on, but it was a tough challenge.

At work on Tuesday, someone asked me:
‘Are you ok? You seem a bit flat.’
:-/ mmmm. My answer was I was ‘just busy’, but if someone else is noticing, there must be something up.
Not ideal, I could blame it on a few things, but I had to get unflat – I had to do something to bounce back.

So at work I was logical, emotions were parked and I had a simple to do list for each day.
I had three to five important tasks that I aimed to do each day.
And I wrote down and scored off other tasks as I did them.
I tried to plan and prioritise and do as much as I could in the time that I had.

As the week went on, bit by bit I found myself bounce back.
And do you know what helped me most?

People, and my interaction with people helped me the most.

From the little girl I met as I was walking to work one day,
(She and her dad recognised me as her swimming teacher and we walked together and chatted, but she’d just woken up and clearly wasn’t a morning person lol)…(the pic isn’t her btw, it’s my wonder niece Ella).
…To the people in Edinburgh and Glasgow I worked with and helped, and the Super Human I coached on Thursday night.

And the people who reached out to me on my blog, Facebook page and over email for help or advice.
I love helping people.
I love it and I love people!

People are great!
I like to help them, but they help me in so many ways too.
In so many ways they probably don’t even realise.

: : : : :

On Wednesday I met someone (I phone a lot) in person for the first time and she said:
‘Wow, you’re so fit. And so slim!’
Then she started talking to me about running and playlists. Nice – that made me smile.

Then today, someone was describing me to his 7 year old daughter.
‘That’s Lorn: She’s an athlete’.
Ha! Nice – that made me smile!

I had a conversation with a guy at work about what it was like in the BBC in the 80s.
Before computers and copiers, where it was one mans job to copy or print everything that was required.
Lol that made me feel very fortunate indeed! It reminded me of by dad and how he says we don’t know how lucky we are, and he wishes he could be around to see so much more technology than he has already.

Then another colleague came up to me telling me how she’s starting back in June (and she’d struggled before now) and I said I had been struggling and sore too – so we might just run together in June. Nice – that made me smile too!

Anyway, that’s enough chat from me.
An interesting and different week for me where I got loads done at work, and had a nice trip to Edinburgh too.
I got my cape back, and now my mind is thinking about the Skye half marathon in 2 weeks and my next caffeine fast which starts tomorrow!

I’ve got my cape back.
The sun will be shining, and just in time, I’ve got my oakleys to wear.
I’m back and raring to go.

Night night everyone. 🙂
Have a fun weekend.

Ps: tomorrow is a year since we got the keys to our house! How time flies!

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