Back on track with sleep

Last week was a bit of a struggle for me. Sleep wise I was only getting between 4-5 hours a night… and it was impacting on how I was feeling and my ability to work and train.

Over the long weekend I managed to get back into a routine of sleeping and staying asleep for 7-9 hours, and this week I’ve kept that up too. Phew.

When I went to the GP, she knows my history and how much I train etc, so she prescribed me some light sleeping pills – just in case it continued.
I put other things in place, like turning off electronics and winding down, so didn’t need to use the pills, but I still had them in case I needed them. They’re not handed out often, so I appreciated her giving me them. I can imagine they’ll sit in my pill box and never be used. But you never know.

I still seem to be waking at 4am, but I’ve less thoughts rushing into my head and am getting back to sleep for some more zeds. 🙂 I was perhaps worrying over nothing, 4 hours this, 5 hours that… Worry worry worry about nothing, when actually I felt fine.

So the balance with sleep is back, I’m on top of my busy work schedule, planning and prioritising and taking one step at a time. But my training has gone out of the window.

Speedwork and strength on Sunday rendered my legs more or less useless, and I’m just starting to feel ok today. I lay in just to make sure today… so FOUR days rest. Lol. Hills avoided, long run avoided. Tut tut. There’s always next week!

Two weeks to the Skye half marathon, so running will become my focus for now. 🙂

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