Wk20 into Wk21

So the majority of this week was spent with sore legs, I’ve only just recovered… Strength on Monday and quite a bit of running at the start of the week forced me to rest a bit, then push myself out the door to do an easy 10 miles on Thursday.

I still managed to get 4 runs in: 2 speedwork, 1 long and 1 easy / social with Fit Girl.

The thought of speedwork still messes with my mind (I become full of excuses of why I shouldn’t do the hard stuff, excuses which wouldn’t be there if I was just doing a nice easy run). But I managed to get out twice for speedwork, and even managed to shoe horn my second strength session of the week in today.

Today I did a nasty track session. I hadn’t planned on going on the track, but my car was at Bella, and the track would mean no hills or much thought, so I went.

10 min warm up then 8 x 2 mins fast, 2 mins recovery, then 5 mins cool down. By the second interval I was hoping it was the third, and it wasn’t. Yuk. Horrible. Hard. The hard / fast intervals ended up being 6:46s and the recoveries were 8:24s.

5.77 miles covered in 45 minutes. It should get my body and mind better at running at faster running, fingers crossed. I had considered running on the dreadmill, but I’m glad I didn’t. The rain stayed off for me, and I ended up just in my vest and shorts. Nice day for it.

Afterwards, I considered going home, thinking I’d done enough, bit since I was at the gym, I figured I could fit in my second and final strength session of the week at the gym.

As soon as I went in, I realised why I don’t normally go to the gym. A loads of guys, filling up the weights section, hogging weights and doing isolation exercises like bicep curls and tricep push backs, badly. Lifting weights that are too heavy for them.

I got a 25kg barbell and took it away from the ‘testosterone’ zone, over to a matted session beside the smith machine. All of the bigger dumbbells appeared to be being used so I diet bother even looking for some 14kgs for me to use.

Here’s what I did in my 40 min strength session:

4 sets of:
Deadlift 25kgs x10 / Press ups x20

High pull 25kg x10 / Shoulder Press x10

Circuit of the following, repeated three times:
Clean n press left 14kg
Clean n press right 14kg
Bent over row 2x14kg

Deadlift 30kg 5×5
Deadlift 25kg 1×20

When I was doing my last Deadlift sets, a really funny thing happened:

a young guy got on the bench at the smith machine. He inclined the back of the bench up to about 60′, put his head on the seat, and hooked his knees over the top of the bench. Then sort of upside down on the bench proceeded to do bench presses with the smith machine. Jeezo.

One of the reasons, along with not being able to get what you new when you need it, I prefer to workout at home!

So this last week I had:

4 runs
2 strength sessions
3 rest days (wed, fri and sat)

I’ve struggled with my sleep this last week too, and I think I just need to get a balance and get out of some bad habits to sort it.

I’ve already written what I’ll stop and start doing in a previous blog, most of which I’ve been doing, and I’m pleased to say I got over 9 hours sleep on Friday and Saturday night.

Work has been eliminated (long weekend), but some of the other things are hopefully helping too: relaxation, winding down at night, no technology after 8pm.

So this week was a slight change from my plan above, next week will look something like this:

Mon: Rest
Tue: AM Hills PM strength
Wed: Rest (Edinburgh)
Thu: AM 6 min intervals / 6-7 miles PM run coaching
Fri: Rest
Sat: Strength
Sun: Long easy run 12 miles

A few of my friends are doing the Edinburgh marathon, it’ll be good to hear how they’ve got on.

Off to swimming teaching now before out usual late dinner out in Little Italy as it’s a bank holiday tomorrow (and a rest day).


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