Wk20 – 7M x 1M splits (and the rest)

My (rather speedy and 5000 mile a year) brother is always getting at me, telling me I can run faster (if I tried). And I though I’d take the marathon in my legs, and my short few weeks until the Skye Half Marathon to test it out a little.

Generally I’m very happy to just plod along and would much prefer a chatty social run to a speedwork session. But apparently to get ‘faster’ you have to put in some speedwork, so I thought I’d try to.

And it’s hard, because I hate the thought of hard speedwork. I’m quite ok after I’ve done it, but before and during it, I’m not too hot for it. In fact, I’ve been known to totally ditch a run session because I was planning a hard speedwork session.

So, the plan is at the top of this post. If I can stick to it and I don’t go back to nice, lovely, easy, enjoyable social runs, it’ll see me running mile intervals, and short time intervals with the idea that my body, heart and kind get used to running faster. Plus long runs and extra easy runs if I fancy them. Strength and swimming as cross training and rest and sleep for recovery.

So that on 4 weeks time, I’m able to run my fastest half marathon (sub 1:38).

Can I tell you now, I have my doubts, but I’ll see what I can do. 🙂 if you don’t try…

So here was my 7 miles of mile intervals from yesterday. I set my Garmin up with 1 mile intervals:
Warm up mile, then 1 mile fast (hr between 160-180) then 1 mile recovery times 3.

I headed out with my colleague Eileen for the first mile, then did the rest myself. Up to Pollok park and back. 🙂

I even did it on sore legs from strength training the night before, but I felt strong and finished the 7 miles (in my lunchtime) in 57 minutes. A wee cool down 0.5 miles and id run 7.5 miles in an extended lunchtime (I went in early to earn a longer lunch!)

Then in the evening, I went out for an easy run with Fit Girl. With me being so busy we’ve not been able to run together as much, so I made an appointment with her to meet her after work for a run. We’re both missing our runs and chats, so I thought is better make the effort.

So an easy 4.1 miles on very sore legs, in the rain, to finish my day off. 🙂 and a rained on selfie afterward.

So yes I was sore, and I’d struggled to get to sleep the night before.

Add about half an hour walking in the day, and I did it and got a massive calorie deficit in my fitness pal. Over 1000 calories burned and about 800 calories under!

I’ve realised that this is why I’m slim! 😉 (plenty exercise and eating well = fit and slim).

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