Sorting my sleep out!

Last night, the night before going back to work, and after teaching swimming until 8pm (then pizza), I went to bed just before 11pm and couldn’t sleep! Arg!

Before the marathon I was getting around 7:30 each night, and was up early so I could get into work early.

Then after the marathon I was recovering, and on leave, I was getting between 8 and 9 hours sleep. (No alarm). And on Saturday night I got just over 10 hours sleep! (And I felt like I needed it).

Then with not being able to sleep last night, I got up to get some things off my mind. By the time I got to bed, and woke at 6am in time to get up and train, I’d only had 4:44 sleep. 😦 So I decided to sleep on and train in the evening instead.

I ended up getting around 6 hours sleep, but I felt ok when I woke which was good.

Still it’s important for me to try to get 8 hours sleep each night, so I’m going to do the following:

1. Get off technology / phone / iPad etc by 9pm.
2. In bed by 930pm.
3. Asleep by 10pm.
4. Wake at or before 6am to train.

I trained tonight, 47 minutes of hard work strength, so I’m hoping I’ll be a bit tired and able to nod off. I did well with my food today, and had plenty water. And even managed to leave work on time (after addressing my 200 emails I got when I was off).

The plan tomorrow is to either run 7 miles, or swim 2000m, depending in how my legs / body feel. 🙂

Right. I’m turning off xx have a good week everyone.

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