And … Recover into upping my game

My brother Neil, AKA 3 sub 2:43 marathons in 13 days Pearson, messaged me today asking how my recovery was going. And I have to say it’s gone well. 🙂

(I do wonder how he is feeling, 3 fast marathons in 13 days plus lots of travel between Australia, America and Canada – eek, I’d be half deed, he’s away out running again I betcha!)

Life was a little mental there for a bit for me: busy workloads for a few weeks with projects launching here and there and longer working hours which I said I’d never get into the trap of doing.

Plus my marathon training peak followed by the taper and the marathon, the busy three days at work before this week off were the icing on the cake.

Now I’ve had a week of leave to take some time out and recover and I feel great. I stepped back from the exercise quite a bit, enjoyed pacing at the women’s 10k, enjoyed time off with Fit Girl and enjoyed the Summer sunny weather. And I SLEPT. A LOT.

Bed time was usually between 10 and 11 and night, but we were waking up naturally (without an alarm) most days, so we were getting between 8-9 hours sleep a night. Amazing. I haven’t really needed naps (until today after swimming took it out of me), and I’ve been able to take done time out to focus on my nutrition and get that right.

The sleep has been a great part in helping me to recover, along with eating plenty and some cross training and active recovery (walks, spin, and swims). I now feel ready to go back to work and back to training, but I need to get a handle on getting more sleep as part of my routine.

And I need to get away from work on time too!

Anyway, here’s what I did this week, my second week of recovery:

Mon: Painting / digging in garden
Tue: Digging in the garden / 4 mile walk with nieces and sister / Spinfit
Wed: Digging / Scrubbing in garden
Thu: Rest / walk
Fri: 2000m swim / walk
Sat: Painting in garden / Strength or run
Sun: Rest & Swim Teaching

Here’s my plan for the next 4-6 weeks:

1. Focus on becoming leaner, from 21% body fat to 20% then to 18% (if I can!) (:Nutrition, cardio and strength training).

2. Train for and complete the Skye Half Marathon on 14th June (4 weeks time). (PB? – faster than 1:38:19? using HR running).

Nutrition / Food: Less crap and sugary foods.
Lean mindset, not runners mindset!
More protein, more carbs near exercise times, more water.
40/40/20 (carbs/protein/fat).
Use of MyFitnessPal to track intake vs activity.

Training / Exercise: Strength train, swim and run and rest.
Get a balance with training: Strength training / cardio / rest.
Strength will be: 3 times a week as detailed here:
Runs will include, 1. easy / coaching runs, 2. long runs, 3. effective / hill runs.
Swims: 2000m at least once a week (or twice if possible).
Spin: I’ll try to do this once a week, 2 out of 3 weeks as it’s a great workout.

Sleep: 8 hours a night where possible:
Wind down / Phone / iPad down by 9pm, in bed, or going to bed for 930pm.
Asleep by 10pm, wake at 6am.
Get over not being able to sleep!

And here’s what I’m planning next week:

Mon: AM Strength
Tue: AM 45 min Effective Run, PM Easy Run
Wed: AM Strength
Thu: AM Swim
Fri: AM Strength
Sat: Long Run 7-9M
Sun: Rest & Swim Teaching
(Option for coaching run one evening)

Time to up the training, up my game, and focus on my goals again. 🙂

Anyone else fancy joining me by setting some goals to achieve?

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