Wk17,18,19: taper, marathon, recovery

With this week being week 19 of my training year, the last two weeks have been the end of a taper, a marathon, recovery and then pacing at the women’s 10k.

It does feel odd, not doing a lot, as part of my taper initially, and now as part of my recovery, but I know I’ll be back to it soon. I’m taking advantage of my rest whilst I know I should. 🙂

So week 17 training / taper was as follows:

Mon 28: 4.18M easy running
Tue 29: 10k tempo, 2 miles easy, 2 miles steady, 2.2 miles fast. Wed 30: 5.3M easy running (coaching)
Thu 1: Rest
Fri 2: Rest
Sat 3: 3.3M easy
Sun: Rest & Travel

Week 18, marathon and pacing week was as follows:

Mon 5: 26.2M in 3:32:37
Tue 6: Rest and travel
Wed 7: Rest and back to work
Thu 8: Rest and work (and massage from Clare at Fitness Therapy Glasgow!) Fri 9: Rest and work
Sat 10: 3.4M easy run – sore calves ouch!
Sun 11: Pacing 50 mins at the women’s 10k

I must admit I felt a big like a superstar at work. People congratulating me, shaking my hand, patting me on the back and telling me I did amazingly at the marathon. It was a nice feeling. 🙂 It was also great to help so many by pacing 50 at the women’s 10k yesterday. 🙂

3 days at work last week, then the women’s 10k on Sunday just there, and now I have a week off work. I had planned to start back at weights and maybe some runs or swims this week, but I’m going to take advantage of this week and rest up a little more.

My hip flexor felt a little niggly on Sunday doing the 10k so I’m going to stay off running and training for a bit longer.

I’ve been in the garden digging a bit, and been for a walk, but other than some gardening and maybe some painting of our new fence, here’s the plan for exercise this week (wk19):

Mon 12: Rest (garden)
Tue 13: Garden (& Spinfit)
Wed 14: Swim
Thu 15: Rest
Fri 16: Rest / maybe swim
Sat 17: Run or swim
Sun 18: Rest & Swim Teaching

One other thing that I’m focussing on is getting plenty of sleep for recovery. Last night was a mega 9:15 hours of sleep, but in the week leading up to the marathon I was only getting around 7:30 hours sleep each night:

Now look at the sleep I’ve been getting after the marathon… 8-9 hours a night!! (Plus a couple of naps and some good food and hydration and it = some good recovery). 🙂

Good stuff. As I said, it feel strange not ‘training’ but I know it’s the right thing to do.

Take some time out, some time off, eat good food, sleep lots and enjoy spending time with the Mrs, instead of battering my body with exercise, training and more exercise, (and my mind with work!) 🙂

Ps: it’s the Skye half marathon for me on 14th June… can’t wait! 😉 I’ll maybe have a 4 week training cycle for that, so I’ll start thinking about building up to that from next week (19th May).

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