Next Plan to get Super Fit

So I’ve had a good week of rest. No exercise except for walking and plenty of stairs, I don’t think I used the lift once!

The massage last night was good, but I’m still a little tender, so I’ll still continue to be careful and get full recovery before I start more training.

Below is my plan for how I’ll train and eat after the marathon. I wrote this out a few weeks ago, and I’ll start it when I’m ready, hopefully with a gradual introduction to it next week (when I’m on leave from work), then perhaps properly into it the week after. (Depending on how recovered from the marathon I feel).

Back to more focus on strength training if I can manage the three (shorter) sessions in a week. And a stricter focus on what I eat (less chocolate and treats – with a plan to follow too!)

Weekly Training Plan
Mon: Strength Day 1
Tue: Run (or Swim)
Wed: Strength Day 2
Thu: Run (or Swim)
Fri: Strength Day 3
Sat: Run
Sun: Rest & Swim Teach

(Training to be done in the mornings mostly, plus running coaching 1-2 times per week in the evenings).

Strength in 3 Days

Day 1 – 4 sets
Squat x10 – 41kg
Sledgehammer x20 – 15kg

Bent Over Row x10 – 36kg
Moving Press Ups x10

Finisher: 4 circuits x3 exercises x8 reps
Clean n Press – 12kg / Burpees

Day 2 – 4 sets
Deadlift – 51kg
Press Ups

Shoulder Press – 18.5kg
High Pull – 26kg

Finisher: 1-10
Squat Thrusts / Press Ups

Day 3 – 4 sets
Squat x10 – 41kg
Reverse Lunges x20 – 36kg

Deadlift x10 – 56kg
BB Clean n Press x10 – 26kg

Finisher: 21/15/9
KB Swing / Goblet Squats – 16kg

Alternative HIIT Finisher – 30:10

KB Swing 16kg
Squat 16kg
Clean n press 12kg
Bent over row 24kg
Press ups
Clean n press 12kg
Torso twist / Bombs 10kg
Sledgehammer 15kg

Runs will be either: easy, intervals, hills, (coaching) or long, leading up to the Skye Half Marathon on 14th June.


Water – 6 x 500mls daily

Pre workout: Greek yoghurt / berries.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, tomato, oatcake, berries. Black Coffee.
Lunch: Chicken or Tuna salad wi veg.
Snack: Oats, Greek Yoghurt, Berries / grapes / milk / banana / nuts.
Dinner: Meat or fish and veg / rice.
Post dinner: Green Tea / Water / Milk / homemade Greek yoghurt blueberry ice cream (Instead of habitual chocolate!)

Optional snacks: Cottage cheese, peanut butter, choc protein powder.
Or Apple / Banana / Nuts

Exceptions / Rules
– Allowed snack size mars bar / snicker only on a long run day (+8M).
– Drink green tea instead of lattes when out. Mixed nuts / fruit instead of millionaire shortbread when out.
– Get Fit Girl to stop offering me chocolate!
– No habitual puddings after dinner!
– If in doubt or reaching for sugar, drink water / Green tea or eat a healthy snack (veg / nuts).

I’m pacing the women’s 10k on Sunday, so I’ll do an easy run on Saturday just to check my legs still work. Then I’m looking forward to a week off work. I’m not doing much, just having some time out with the Mrs and getting a break.

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