Stairs are now my biggest challenge

It’s official. I am walking like an 80 year old woman. 😉

I felt ok on Tuesday morning, but then again I probably had popped quite a few ibuprofen so the pain wasn’t quite shining through. Now day two, brufen free… and in taking one step at a time and holding on for dear life. Lol

So let’s think about what’s sore… the arches / plantar of my feet, my calves and my quads (a little bit), the inside if my thighs (adductor is it?) and my back. It’s not too bad, but once you add it all together, and without ibuprofen, it makes me walk funny.

It was well worth it though and it could be a lot worse. I think this is me getting close to the finish line before I crumpled into a ball of tiredness and emotion, just able to hold the tears back.

I’m now planning recovery, with the simple fact that I’m not doing any exercise (except for walking) until at least Friday or even Saturday. Eating and drinking plenty, and I’m getting a good massage on Thursday night.

Here’s what I had for dinner last night. A very tasty pizza.

And then I had a good long nights sleep again. Sleep, water and food truly are the best way to recover.

Now today should be fun at work. I think I’ll work on the 4th floor and stay there! Going up stairs is ok, so I’ll tackle them, but if I go down them I have a feeling many people with laugh at me and my methods. Lol.

The lift (down) might be a good option for me for just one day, today. 😉

Oh and I having my first double expresso chilled coffee for about three weeks this morning. Eeeeeeek! 😉

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