348th across the line

The official results are in and I was 348th across the line out of 2,328 finishers. 🙂 (It helped a lot when I was weeeeeeeeeeeee-ing down hills and just about everyone else was holding back lol).

And a man in front of be wire two chips, so took up two placed, so I was actually the 347th person to cross the line. 😉

Maybe 20th to 25th woman across the line! 😀 (with a rough check of names).

Chip time was 3:33:32 and gun time was 3:34:19.

The course was a bit long though, maybe 26.4 miles, so I’m taking my Garmin as my ‘official’ time: 3:32:27. 🙂 (I’d already crossed the Garmin finish line above, hence the smiles).

The support in Belfast was great, even in the rain. And even the rain wasn’t that bad. It started half way for me, and did more to keep me cool than be a hindrance.

Legs are feeling ok, a little stiff, but ok. Home on Wednesday. Nothing a few ibuprofen, a little active recovery walking and a good massage from Clare at Fitness Therapy Glasgow on Thursday won’t help. 🙂

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