Belfast Marathon: done!

Quick summary post about today’s marathon, for anyone who isn’t on my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page…

Today I ran the Belfast Marathon, first half in 1:48, second half in around 1:45, a nice wee negative split and a (Garmin) finish time of 3:32:37.

I ran with my HR between 150-160 for the most part, and averaged 161 HR, with a max of 184. Garmin training effect 5.0.

Stats here:

I set up my Garmin Livetrack, which allowed people to follow my progress and see my flight down the hills and my powering on to the finish, see the link here:

Here’s me a few metres from the end. The caffeine trick worked a treat, with no ill effects. Felt good / easy until about mile 22, then strong after that.

Had a bit of an odd bit after mile 24 – it was a steady uphill and I kept strong up it, HR 184, then I felt like I couldn’t breathe for a moment, but brought it back to finish.

A nice wee mars bar milkshake to finish off, quite a few stretches, a walk, a bus back, a banana, plenty water, some more food, a good shower, some ibuprofen and a lie down in a dark room for the afternoon.

We raised well over £2k for the brightest star charity, thanks very much for anyone who donated. Much appreciated:

Looking forward to a good dinner and chat with the girls.

Garmin says:
record mile 4:58! (Mile 15 I’m thinking… ‘weeeeeeeeeeeeeee’,
record half 1:44:33,
record marathon 3:32:37
and suggests a recovery time of 3.5 days.

So rest until Friday, thank you very much!

Finally, over 12,000 Nike fuel points.

Well done to Cat, Tina, Lesley, Trisha, Kirsten, Louise and Wallace and thanks for the support Hazel, Fiona and Jackie. 🙂

And finally, finally, I randomly finished with my favourite song of all time (which reminds me of my Granny), ‘Sunshine’ by Gabrielle, after running through Fort William on the way (to remind me of her) … No rainbows through. 😉

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