All ready for the Belfast Marathon

Today we got to Belfast and had a wee wander around. Down to where the race starts, a 10 minute walk away in front of the City Halls.

Here’s me at the start today before we went to dinner tonight.

There are eleven of us away, me, Cat, Lesley, Tina, Louise, Trisha, Kirsten, Fiona, Jackie, Hazel and Wallace. And about 8 of us are running the marathon with a few there to watch and one sidelined with an injury.

We went to a good pub / restaurant with good music for dinner, The Washington. I went for the sirloin steak, rare, with sautéed potatoes. 🙂

And I still had room for a wee pudding too. Both were tasty.

Now that’s me ready for an early night before I’m finally allowed caffeine tomorrow morning… I mean, before the marathon start at 9am. 😉

Here’s all my gear and stuff for the day. Breakfast will be porridge, a banana and bagel with chocolate spread, a some water and a couple of pro plus (50mg each).

I was reading that you shouldn’t need to take more than 6mg caffeine per kg of body weight across the run, so that’ll be 335mg for me – or 2 pro plus and 3 caffeine gels (one an hour) which should be fine. Hopefully I’ll be flying. HR 150 mind.

We were in a running shop today and guy said the hardest bit is between miles 10-16 (gradual uphill), then mile 17 is downhill, (hard on your quads)… I’ll try to remember that.

The weather looks ok at the start, turning rainy from about 11am onwards, so I’ll take my cap in my shorts in case I need it. Other than that I’ve opted for my compression vest, long white compression socks and arm selves for warmth.

I might look like a bit of a tool, but hey ho, it’s not every day you run a marathon like this. Hopefully I’ll pull it off. (At least I’ll be matching if anything!).

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