4 days to go…

4 days to go and I’m well into my taper… Reduced training has meant a couple of nice lie ins, and work has been busy so I’ve been there instead of having my mind on training. Food has been different, I’m not so much carb loading as such, but eating more and drinking more water.

I’ve done 6 marathons and 4 ultras and the training always seemed to be a big deal. 16 week plans etc. this time I wanted it to be a bit different, and with the confidence of my previous marathons and long runs behind me I cut my training to 12 weeks.

It’s all worked and now with a few days to go I’m taking things easy. I might go a wee run on Friday, and I could have gone a swim this morning but I didn’t. Less is more just now. I’m know what in wearing race day, and I’m really looking forward to it all.

Most of my training has been good, and I even managed to stop a possible injury in it’s tracks with 9 days rest just over a months ago. Sensible or what? Now I’m off caffeine … That will have been for two weeks, and I’m taking things easy.

2 of my own runs this week, and easy 4 miler on Monday and a confidence boosting fast finish 10k on Tuesday (where I got mile, 5k and 10k bests and my vo2 max estimate climbed to 55 on my watch (not all time best)). And last night I did an easy coaching run with someone I’m coaching.

People have been very generous in giving me sponsorship too, and I really appreciate it. We’re nearly at £2000 and in sure we’ll hit it, which is great. Thank you so much if you’ve given. 🙂 https://www.justgiving.com/brighteststar-belfast/

One of the last things I’m doing this week is keeping a track of my sleep hours and how many I need. It looks like my optimum sleep is about 7:30, but I’ll do a proper post about that soon. 🙂

The next few days I’m going to get my head stuck into work instep aeration for our Local Apprenticeship Open Day on Saturday the 3rd at the BBC in Glasgow. Where we’ll show up to 50 people what it’s like to work at BBC Radio Scotland and how they can apply to become the radio apprentice there. http://www.bbc.co.uk/las

Have a good end to your week.

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