Food prep Sunday & Wk17

I took a notion to make soup yesterday when we were out doing our weekly shop. A good way for me to get vegetables in next week when I perhaps try to / should be eating more carbs.

This morning I’ve made lentil soup, which is packed full of veg, and towards the end of the week I’ll think about making an effort to eat more carbs (carb load), but I won’t plan it out.

And here are my lunches: tomatoes, cucumber, smoked salmon, peppers, grapes, nuts and soy sauce. Yum.

Here’s the training plan for next week:

Mon 28: 4M
Tue 29: 6M including 2-4 miles with HR at 150
Wed 30: Swim and Run Coaching
Thu 1: Rest
Fri 2: 4M
Sat 3: Rest
Sun 4: Travel / Rest

Mon 5: Marathon!!

And I’ll try and read a bit more of this book too:

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