Day 5 off caffeine

I’m now on day 5 off caffeine, and it’s been relatively easy. The times it’s testing is in the morning when I’d habitually have my usual cup of coffee. But it’s ok, I’ve just been having water with breakfast instead.

And for my snack at 11 or 12, instead of a mocha shake, I’ve been having a bit of fruit or nuts. Easy. Using substitution to replace the coffee / caffeine in my life.

There’s been no noticeable side effects, I’m as alert as ever and feel fine. It has been a little bit testing, denying myself of it, but it’s just been a case of being determined and knowing that it’s off my list just now. I’m sure it’ll be worth it. 🙂

I’ll do this until my marathon day on the 5th May, and take on pro plus about 30 mins before I start, then a caffeine gel about every 50 mins to an hour. Hopefully I’ll reap the benefits on my run.

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