No DOMS today

Well, I’m glad to say that after yesterday’s 14 miler (and 5 miles of walking)…I have no DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) to speak much of.

I do have slightly tense shoulders, and I did wake up this morning thinking my lower back was sore, but it isn’t. And my legs (and arms) are fine.

This is the plan for my marathon, to keep my effort levels not too high throughout… (150 HR or 80% Max HR) … so that hopefully I avoid as much DOMS as possible. (Notice I don’t say, go slow or go fast, my pace will be a result of my HR / effort).

I remember when I did my first marathon distance back in November 2010. I practically stopped and could hardly walk afterwards. And going to the toilet was a laugh, I couldn’t squat, my legs simply wouldn’t work. They were broken for days, even weeks after that.

Now 10 marathons on… for my last marathon, in Sept 2013, I ran with my heart rate around 165, or 90% of my max HR. Afterwards, my legs were sore for maybe 4-5 days after. I’ve learned that the less effort you use (ie, the slower you go, the lesser you push yourself), the less sore you’ll be the next day / week.

So along with trying to eat plenty of recovery foods after my long runs, for this marathon I plan to run with my HR at 150, pushing it higher towards the end (last 5k) if I feel strong.

Today I’m still feeling dehydrated. Stupid school girl error not taking on enough liquid yesterday during or before the run. Hey ho, I’ll try again next week and on the day of the marathon.

Do you get sore after hard intense runs?

Would you prefer to take it easy, enjoy the views and not feel sore the next day?

I wonder if it’ll work for me?

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