Wk15 – 14 sunny running miles

The plan today was for me to run about 8 miles with Fit Girl and about 5 miles on my own. We were going to run to the Women’s 10k route, run the whole route then run home. Then id run on to make my long run up to about 13.1 miles.

We woke early and were about the door for 7:50am. I had my water pack with me, but for some reason I didn’t drink a lot on the run. It took a while to get into it too – about 3-4 miles.

We ended up running 9.5 mikes together – the longest Fit Girl has ever run, which was good. She’s started using a new knee strap which seems to be helping. The pace was pretty steady and after I few miles I was starting to enjoy it. Fit Girl wants to run the woman’s 10k in under 50 mins, so she’s training for that now

We did an easy 10k in around 53 minutes, which she was happy with. The next step in her training is to pick up the pace on shorter distances.

No gels today, no caffeine, and I just had some breakfast of Alpen and half a banana before we left. I left Fit Girl at home after 9.5 miles and decided to drop my water pack off as it was running a bit. Then I finished off with 4.5 miles, with my heart rate around 150 or just above.

The last mile was downhill from Finneston, building up to 168, and resulted in my fastest mile for a while. 7:21. My Garmin chimed away when I stopped: Fastest mile, Fastest Half Marathon, 25 hours recovery needed.

When I finished I had some coconut water, lucozade and water, but by that point the damage was done and I was already dehydrated. :-/

Cue sore head for most if the rest of the day, despite eating and drinking plenty, and taking neurofen too. Plenty sun screen on though, so I managed to avoid getting sun burnt.

I need to do better with hydration before, during and after my long runs, but apart from that it was a good run today.

After the run, it was only 10am, so se got ready and took a nice walk up to the west end. 🙂 5 miles walking in all, then a nap.

And I got two donations on our just giving page, which was nice to wake up to after my nap this afternoon:


I feel pretty rough now. Sore head and in need of sleep. Think I’ll have an early night and a long lie in.

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