8 + 5.1 miles & caffeine fasting

Tomorrow morning my long run…

8 miles with Fit Girl… most of it on the women’s 10k route… we’ll do it from home instead of from Bella.

Then I’ll add on about 5 miles, running with my HR at 150. 🙂

I’ll have a good breakfast, and I’ll take my water pack with me, but no energy on the run, just afterwards.

I can’t find my sunglasses though – it’s really annoying!

I’ve started my caffeine fast today too. The Idea behind the caffeine fast is that if you’re a regular caffeine user like me: 2-3 cups a day – you fast from it for two weeks. And then when you take it before your event / marathon … you fly. 😉

> ‘During exercise caffeine accelerates the transmission of signals from the brain to the muscles, reduces perceived effort, and enhances athletic performance.’

I’ll stay off it until the 5th May, and before I race I’ll have a coffee and pro plus an hour before the marathon, and three to four caffeine gels throughout the marathon.

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