Next week is looking busy!

This week has been a bit of a washout training wise. With three weeks to go to the marathon, work has taken over. And now I have just over 2 weeks to go, and a long weekend off work. :-/

(Hey ho, it’s not the end if the world and the rest might actually do me some good!)

This week, I only managed to fit in one run (Tues) and one strength session (Mon) so far, with lots of hours of work in Stornoway and Glasgow. Busy busy.

I had planned to run today (Thursday) but I was tired from travelling and my legs felt like they needed another days rest after strength and running. So I rested and worked hard again.

Tonight was a nice meal out. 🙂

We went out for dinner at the Alea Casino which was good: a reasonable and tasty three course meal, and I got my ice cream for free. 😉

Then we went downstairs and I left the Mrs to gamble £30 on red. We ended up coming away £70 up (minus the meal).

I’m bad at betting (get too addicted and lose!), so I tend to just watch, but it was good fun and good to come away on top. 🙂

I’m off work for Easter, Friday and Monday – woohoo and will go a nice walk tomorrow and spend some time with the Mrs. Then do my long run on Saturday, most if it with her.

But I need to think about how I fit training in over the next few weeks before the 5th May.

I want to do around two more longish runs (10-13 miles), no strength training, but some swimming, and I’ll start my 2 week taper for sure:

– Less training, shorter runs, no weights, some swimming.

– Less calories
– Fat load
– Caffeine fast
– Carb load

This is what my diary looks like next week in work: busy busy with travel to Edinburgh, assessments, a launch of a project I’m working on the following week (28th), and another work event I’m pulling together (3rd May.)


So my next few weeks training will look like this (with possibly done running coaching added in):

Fri 18: Rest
Sat 19: 13.1M
Sun 20: Rest & Swim Teach

Mon 21: 4M
Tue 22: Rest (Edinburgh)
Wed 23: Swim
Thu 24: 10M
Fri 25: Rest
Sat 26: 5M
Sun 27: Rest & Swim Teach

Mon 28: 4M
Tue 29: 6M
Wed 30: Swim
Thu 1: 4M
Fri 2: Rest
Sat 3: Rest
Sun 4: Travel / Rest

Mon 5: Marathon!!

Wish me luck! 🙂 I may need it.

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