Wk14 into Wk15

This last week has been good, 3 of my eon runs with others and one coaching run.

38.8 miles in a week, and I got my number and pack for the Belfast marathon the other day too. 197.

Today’s long run was a bit of a battle against the weather, running into the wind and rain for about 8-9 miles. I wore the right gear: long socks, shorts, compression Tshirt, Tshirt, arm sleeves, waterproof gillet and cap. But as expected, it was wet, very wet.

Luckily the chat with Julie Ann was good and we kept each other going for just over 3 hours. A less intense run for me with an avg hr of 131, and I think it’s helped my legs not before afterwards. I just gave sore big toes and im a bit tired, but ok.

The 10 miles on Thursday felt good, and I’m feeling well and truly back up to speed with my running training.

Next week I’m in Stornoway from Monday lunchtime until Wednesday night with work. I ran there a few times when I was there before and I still need to find a good route, but I thought the one below looked quite good. I’ll do it in Tuesday morning fingers crossed.

So here’s the plan for next week:

Mon: Strength (as long as I’m recovered from my long run) then Stornoway. Tue: 6.2M – 50 min pace perhaps.
Wed: Rest or 3-4M
Thu: 12M
Fri: Rest (Easter bank holiday, day off)
Sat: Rest or gym
Sun: Rest & swimming teaching.

Looks ok and I’m looking forward to a long weekend this next weekend.

Oh, and apparently it was sibling day the other day… I have quite a few of them… Beth, Ewen, Ross and Neil, so here goes:

How cute was I? Lol

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