Wk14 reassessed

Another restless night on Sunday night… I was awake at 2am… and ended up listening to an audiobook to help me sleep.

I was tired, but woke up with a few things on my mind – and the quiet audiobook was just enough to stop my thoughts. 🙂 It worked, I nodded right off to sleep again.

So this morning I decided I’d sleep in til 730am instead of getting up 6-630am and do a workout. Luckily it worked and I had a good rest, and a good productive day at work (no napping).

Makes a change from a few weeks ago when I slept in until 1030am!! No sleep the night before, then I woke up at 1030 – on a work day! Eeeek!

Anyway, tonight I ended up having a long but productive day at work, and I’m now changing my training plan this week as follows:

Mon: Rest
Tue: AM: 9 mile run PM: Strength
Wed: AM: Swim. PM: Run coaching
Thu: AM 5M run
Fri: Rest
Sat: 20M run
Sun: Rest

The plan above will hopefully enable me to have reason to get up and out of my bed (along with a couple of arrangements to meet people to train with!)

Time for bed soon I think. 🙂

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