Wk13 into Wk14 and beyond

After 9 days rest before last Saturday, I was a little apprehensive about, but keen to get back running.

With 5 weeks to go to the Belfast marathon, I knew I could pick it back up and get back on track. But the threat of my ‘injury’ or strain or whatever it was, coming back was frustrating (or scary!).

I didn’t particularly mean to run so much in the last week, but since Saturday I’ve run 4 runs for me (8 + 4.4 + 18 + 6.7), plus 2 coaching runs (5 + 4.7), ending up doing around 47 miles in 8 days. One strength session, some walking, but no swimming.

Not surprisingly, I’m tired now. But it is good to be back running. 🙂 and I’m glad I did the sensible thing and rest up. My legs were a little tired after my 18 miler on Thursday, but today I feel find except for being tired and perhaps a little dehydrated.

Sleep, food and water will all help my recovery, ready for next week, and the next 4 weeks.

I feel very pleased that I was sensible in taking time out and not being pressured to run with a strain or injury or whatever. 🙂

Now I have 4 full weeks left before the marathon, and I’m running 20 miles next Saturday as my last long run, then I’ll see how it goes the other weeks, maybe 12 miles long run the next week and a wee 10 after that. The start of my taper.

Here’s what I’ll be doing:

Wk14 – we 13th April – 20 miles long run
– Normal week, coach, run, strength, swim.
Mon – AM Strength, PM Run coach
Tue – Run
Wed – Swim
Thu – Run
Fri – Rest
Sat – 20M Long run
Sun – Rest

Wk15 – we 20th April – 12 miles
– In Stornoway M-W where I’ll run.
Strength on Mon AM, run and swim.

Wk16 – we 27th April – 10 miles
– In Edinburgh W, strength, run and swim.

Wk17 – we 4th May – 26.2 miles
– Reduced training & travel, Marathon on 5th in Belfast.

Even jasper was tired today!! 😉

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