Wk13 – 18.2 miles to Paisley & back

So, running at night on Thursday night was a good idea, because it would mean I’d possibly avoid the worst of the weather: Thursday and Friday mornings weather were to be atrocious, but Thursday night seemed a bit better. And it would free me up for the weekend.

I left work just after 5pm. If I’m honest, I was kind of dreading it. And if I could have pulled out I would have. The pressure of training, and not training due to a possible injury, is getting to me. The very thought of going out for a run where I might pull up with an injury, freaks me out no end.

The weather looked ok when I left work. But the run at night was not the best idea, for one reason and one reason alone: the after effects. When I run later on in the day, or do intense or long activity in the evening, I can’t sleep.

So even though I was in bed at 10pm, and tired, my body is not letting me sleep. Not ideal when you have a busy day of work ahead of you in the morning! I can tell you, my long runs will be done in the morning from now on!

I decided I’d split the run into 4 mile sections. I’d try to run 16 – 20 miles, and I was running to Paisley and back, via the cycle path / Pollok Park on the way out.

Here is the Garmin activity:

I’m thinking my marathon in Belfast on 5th May will be run with my HR at 150, that’ll be my strategy. 🙂 Nice and easy and enjoy it, take it all in, and less DOMS, hopefully. And maybe aim to finish the last half stronger too.

Tonight I started out settling in with my heart rate on average around 150, nice and comfy.


I’ve stopped using time or pace as a measure nowadays, now I just see it as a RESULT of my effort / HR / fitness, and the conditions / hills. I still have my pace splits showing me every mile for reference, and each mile ticked off under 9 minute miles. Nice.

At 4 miles in, going through Pollok Park, I had done around 35 minutes, so a rough calculation told me if I ran for 20 miles, I’d be out for 2:55, or 16 would be 2:20 ish. So home just before 8 or half 8 at night. I was feeling good and just thought I’d see what happened. Fit Girl knew I’d be home around 8, so I’d see how it went.

(Look at miles 4,5,6,7 for a steady pace!!) 🙂 sweet!

A couple of people on Facebook said I did a good time, or good pace.

My pace or time was just a result of how I easy I took it or how hard I pushed it. Time doesn’t matter to me, but it’s nice to see I’m probably still capable of a sun 4 hour marathon, even with some time off training etc. 🙂

Nice and easy settling into the run until about 6 miles (it took that long to get into it). As I was running through Pollok park I managed to run through a swarm of small flies and I got about 8 in my eyes – aaaaaarrrg! Not nice.

Pollok park was nice though and I took 1 headphone out to hear the noises of the park and the birds singing. Aw. Lovely.

At around 12 miles I was running through Paisley, past all of the commuters driving home. Paisley and me, now heading back along Paisley Road West, was pretty special. Lol.

I passed at least 10 chippies, and a number of Chinese takeaways (which I hadn’t ever noticed before). The smell from the chippies was A-M-AZING! 😉

13.1 miles in under 2 hours and I was still feeling strong. I had taken a gel just over an hour in, and took another at 2 hours in. 2 caffeine gels in fact. No wonder I’m still wide awake. Lol

Then the weather seemed to turn, heavy rain, running along the never ending Paisley Road West, with not a lot of shelter. I noticed my eye sight getting blurry, as I ran into the flow of traffic and hid behind my cap. I let go of keeping my heart rate to 150 and decided it was time to push it a bit.

With maybe 4 miles to go, I picked up the pace. The rain wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, but it was worth running a bit faster in. Both Headphones back in! Music UP loud!

14 miles in, it was now about 19:25 and I said I’d be back home by 8pm. :-S Past Morrisons and past a few more chippies. Lol.

I’d left my car with all my stuff in it at work, so I knew I had to get from where I was, back to the BBC by just before 8 (to stretch etc), but I was pretty sure I wouldn’t make it on time.

I didn’t want Fit Girl to be worried, so I opted to stop off at Bella, to give her a call and do a toilet stop too. I let her know I’d be in just before 8:30pm.

When I was in Bella I realised just how wet I was. Shorts soaked through to my pants, and arms, with a dry and warm torso. I’d opted to wear my sexy knee high running socks, purple shorts, pink compression long sleeve, yellow Nike t and my reflective and waterproof silver gillet. Good choices all round.

I left Bella and with around 3 miles to go, with Eminem in my ears and with wet pants reminding me they were still wet and still there, I ran almost my fastest mile split. HR at whatever number, I didn’t even care. Gloves on to keep my hands warm.

Running strong, I took a back route away from Paisley Road West (and any more chippies), down through Maxwell Drive and ended up running a little in the car park to round it up to 18.2 miles. (Fastest mile the last 1.2). 🙂 just 8 miles to add on on the 5th May in Belfast. Easy!

I stopped at my car, boot open, and drank from a big bottle of water I had. Then did some stretches. Just as I was doing that, my poor colleague, was just leaving. 8:10pm. Poor her. I was glad to see her though, I bet she’d have rather have been working than running for 2.5 hours in the rain to Paisley and back though!

I got home and had a milkshake, more water and a nice wee burger and some soup. Legs already sore, more than usual, but I’ll put that down to lack of time / distance running in my reduction of training in the last few weeks.

And I instantly felt cold throughout once I got home. After dinner, and a few posts on Facebook: Bed, rest, hotness, unable to sleep… Blah blah blah, I’m sure I’ve bored you enough!! 😉

I put a wee note on my Facebook page, about the just giving page we’ve set up, for the loss if us who are running Belfast Marathon for Brightest Star.

I don’t don’t particularly like asking or bombarding people, and there are so many people out there raising money doing great things for charity, but I thought my effort and sore legs might be worth a few quid.

So I posted the link to our charity page:
and asked for a few quid for my sore legs and wet pants. ;-P

If you’d like to donate, you can go to the link above, or text JKBS then the amount £2.50 to 70070. 🙂

Thanks xx

It was very nice to have raised £50 after my run, from some very generous people I know.

And well worth the ‘after-effects’ of the hot body, sore legs and insomnia. Although I might be saying different tomorrow.

I’ve just got to remember why I’m doing this and remember how good it feels to know the rest seems to have got rid of my injury and I’m back running strong again. Yippee! It’s amazing to be able to just go out and run 18 miles.

Now it’s time to rest, and try and get some sleep. 🙂 night night x

Oh and ps: before I go… I got DOUBLE the Nike Fuel points than my brother Ewen today. Get in there. Lol.

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2 Responses to Wk13 – 18.2 miles to Paisley & back

  1. Ally Robb says:

    Well done last night. I did Belfast 3yrs ago, liked the course, if my memory is correct, it was quite a warm day. Good luck to you.

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