Wk13: Long Run this week

I’m feeling good after my 4 runs at the tail end of last week into this week, so far it’s been:

Sat: 8M
Sun: 5M
Mon: 4.5M
Tue: Strength & 4.7M
Wed: Rest

Now I’m looking at the weather up to the weekend and it’s not looking good. Rain, rain and more rain. :-/

I was hoping to do around 16 miles before the weekend and I think, based on the weather, and with the new lighter nights coming in, I’ll aim to do it on Thursday after work.

I think it’s about 9 miles to Paisley along the cycle path, then around 8 miles back home, straight via Paisley Road West.

Plenty of water before and after it, a cap, gillet, top, shorts, Garmin, iPod, HR monitor, FuelBand, a couple of gels, and cape… that should do it. I plan to leave work at 5pm to start my run. Fingers crossed. X

Oh and PS: I got an email today from the Women’s 10k people. They’ve asked me to pace the race again. 50 mins, I’ll be pacing again hopefully. I just hope my legs work, 6 days after the marathon!! :-O

Pps: I met someone the other day on my run who recognised me from my legs on Facebook! Lol.

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