Wk12 into Wk13

This last week and a bit has been odd. The fright I got from my hip flexor / groin strain or injury back on Friday / Saturday 21st 22nd March left me a bit cautious. Not to mention the abandoned 20 miler the Thursday before.

The last long run I’ve done was on 18th March when I did about 15 miles in a day, and the most I’ve run is about 18 miles. With 5 weeks to the Belfast marathon, I’m hoping I can be race ready for the 5th May.

Here’s what I’ve done in the last week or so.

Quite a few walks, and on Saturday I did 8 miles, Sunday 5 miles. During my run on Saturday, I thought my 9 days rest had done me right, however at 5 miles in I felt a niggle. Luckily the niggle didn’t come to anything, and on Sunday I ran offroad / trail for an hour and didn’t feel it.

During my week out, work had been busy, and I’d found it hard to sleep at the start of the week. Add it all together, plus the lack of exercise / endorphins and I was a little more than unsettled with it all. Eeeeek.

So I decided to take some time out. On my travels to work I listened to a few audiobooks, ‘How to stop negative thinking’ – not that I think negatively very much, but it was a good listen. About flipping your reality and believing what you want to.

The other one I bought was NLP, Hoe to take charge of your life. I listened to it on the way up to Inverness on Friday.

The weekend off / out was great. I had breakfast out with Fit Girl at one of our favourite places – poached eggs with salmon, then I drove to Inverness and spent time the closest person I have to calling a Mum and her family and animals.

Then I met up with my best friend from home, and went bridesmaid dress shopping with her the next day. 34 – 27 – 37 body measurements makes the dress go out in and kind of out again. The dress was stunning and I might just be able to pull it off, so to speak. 😉 we had a nice lunch, and a nice relaxing time chatting.

I ran for just over an hour as she got up and got ready on Saturday morning. The run was good. Out and back on a canal. 2 miles in you were clearly out in the countryside. Inverness is nice.

Then on Saturday I visited another good friend, who was a bit like a big sister when I was growing up. A nice walk in the woods with her dog. And in Sunday I ran with a woman I’m coaching. She’s doing the London marathon and is one of those special radiating people you don’t meet often in life.

So I spent time with 5 amazing women who I’m so close to. It was hard not to be anything but smily and happy all weekend.

Now I need to think about what I’m doing in my training. Over a week off has left be a bit strange. I didn’t even manage a swim!! :-O

This week here is what I’ll try:

Mon PM: 4M run
Tue AM: Strength PM: Run coaching
Wed AM: Swim
Thu AM: Swim
Fri: Rest
Sat: 18M (or less).
Sun: Rest & Swim Teaching

I’ve got a new technique for getting out of my bed to swim or run in the morning. Lol. Apart from setting out your clothes etc, when I know I need to get up, say for 6:10am, I’m going to count down from 5. 5,4,3,2,1.

On 4 I’ll sit up, 3 put my feet on the floor, 2 get up, 1 be up. Hopefully it’ll work. Especially on swim days when is rather lie in, but know the swim is worth it.

Then the remaining weeks my long runs will be:

12th April – 20 miles wi JA
19th April – 12-15 miles
26th April – 10 miles
5th May – 26.2 miles

Keep your fingers crossed for me that my leg is ok. Eeeeeek!

Now I’m going to get up early to go into work and catch up after my four day week last week. :-/

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