Take charge, believe and be happy

Following on from yesterday’s blog post about being lost or in control… I’ve been listening to a good audiobook called: NLP – How to take charge of your life. By Richard Bandler, Owen Fitzpatrick and Alessio Roberti.

It was a good book which took you on a journey through a 3 day NLP seminar, with Joe, the main character learning about the possibilities when you use NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) to help you believe, change your outlook and become happy.

I’ve read about NLP before, and like it. The last chapter in the book summarises the book, so I thought I’d share it with you:

> Personal freedom is the ability to feel what you want, so that the chains of fear, sadness and hate are broken. These chains are made up of negative feelings, limiting beliefs and destructive behaviours. >

> A lot of people have had bad things happen to them. So instead of being glad that it’s not happening now, they go through it over and over in their heads, so that their present is destroyed by their past. Many people feel trapped by their past, but they aren’t really trapped. They’re just practicing a habit of feeling bad. >

> We always have the choice of taking our past and limiting our future, or taking our past and building a better future. NLP is about teaching people how to make it so that when they look at their past, they learn from it. They avoid suffering because of it. >

> Life is not about remembering and reliving unpleasantness from the past, but about going forward to look at life as the adventure it can be. Maybe reality isn’t what you think it is. Maybe whatever you think becomes your reality. >

> Tragedy exists only in the mind as a terrible memory. A memory is just a representation of an experience. When you change the way you represent an experience, you change how you feel about the experience. >

> The one thing in life that you can control is the inside if your head. If someone went into your house and painted horrible pictures on your walls, you wouldn’t leave them there would you? No of course not. You’d paint over them. Then why leave bad ideas inside your head? Unwanted negative images or horrible voices: there’s no point. >

> If you don’t do it, it won’t work.

> If you take charge of your beliefs, you take charge of your life. Problems don’t exist devoid of human beings, they don’t exist in the universe at large. They exist in our perceptions and understandings. Your beliefs can either trap you or set you free. >

> Whatever you believe will determine what you decide to do. If you truly want to change, the first step is to believe 100% that you can, and that you will. >

> Along the way, you built a belief in the kind of person that you were. Maybe they’d the person whom you thought you were, but now if you change that belief you can begin to believe in yourself as the kind of person that you want to be. >

> By believing that change can’t be easy, we prevent it from being so. When you’re at your best, what are you capable of? Just because people haven’t found a way, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. If you believe with every part of you that there is a way, then you’ll probably find one. >

> Believe that you can achieve what you want and you’ll set yourself free to achieve it. There are beliefs and what you can and what you can’t do. There are also beliefs about who you are and who you are not. >

> What you believe determines how you act. How you act determines what results you’ll get. The results you get determine what your beliefs are. Beliefs leads to actions, leads to results, leads to beliefs. >

> Happy and successful people have a lot of useful beliefs about themselves, the goals they want to achieve and the resources they have to achieve them. They believe they can have what they want, and they believe that they deserve it. This is what allows them to take massive action, which gets them results. >

> Your beliefs limit or expand you world.

> If you’re looking for problems, you’ll find them. As soon as you ask yourself a question, your mind will actively begin to look for an answer. So if the question is: ‘Why do I feel so bad?’, you’ll get plenty of reasons. Looking for the reasons you’re feeling so bad, might not be the wisest idea. Instead start asking yourself the kind of questions that will improve the quality of your life. And see for yourself, how that’s going to affect you. >

> Four questions to transform your goals into actions:

> 1. What do I need to do more of to reach my goal?
> 2. What do I need to do less of to teach my goal?
> 3. What do I need to stop doing to reach my goal?
> 4. What do I need to begin to do to teach my goal?

> Remember, disappointment requires adequate planning. Instead of looking at what you don’t have, enjoy what you do have now. This helps you to propel yourself, step by step, into a future that’s more and more exquisite. >

> When you create relaxing feelings it helps you look at things differently. Once you believe that something is possible, your world will open up. >

> In the absence of hope, sometimes you need to create it. Act as if you’re the controlling element of your life. When you do, you will be.

The audio book is read by Owen Fitzpatrick, in a nice subtle Irish accent. 🙂

One thing they talked about, which isn’t mentioned above, was ‘brilliance squared’. A coloured square you get into, and when you do, you fill yourself with self belief, confidence and strength. Being in it makes you brilliant.

A bit like my present to you… my cape. I’ve got mine on quite a lot these days. 😉 do you?

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