Lost and unhappy – or – In control and happy

Do you ever feel totally overwhelmed?
Lost and out of control of your life?
Like it’s all happening around you, and you’re losing control?

All you want to do is run away, and be on your own.
But you know it won’t help.
You know being with the people you love is key.

But you feel so lost and disinterested in anything.
You just want to sit in a dark room.
Be on your own, asleep, in the dark.

You feel so tired, but when you get to bed you can’t sleep for thinking.
You try your hardest, but hours go by and you can’t drift off.
Life is so busy and out of control, you’re at a loss to know what to do to fix it. To fix you.

You’re down and you don’t know why.
Looking at things logically, you know that you have so many good things in your life.
But you can’t fight the bad feelings to push them away.

You feel lost, out of control, unsettled, frustrated and unhappy.
Your emotions take over, and you know you’re bring over dramatic,
But you don’t know what will help.

You kind of know what to do to get out of it.
But you can’t seem to muster anything up to make things better.
You think hard, and you try not to worry, but it’s hard.

You feel so alone, and a little scared.
You want to tell people, but you’re afraid you’ll look weak, or damaged or a little mental.
You know you should ‘snap out if it’, but you have no idea where to start.

You want to fix it, you want to be better.
You don’t want to be ill or be a burden.
But you’re struggling to do even the basic things in life, never mind be up and happy.

How do you help yourself to feel better?
How do you make things better?
How do you become happier?

? ? ? ? ?

Think about how you’ve got over it in the past.
Think of any coping strategies you’ve found that help.
Speak to people about how you feel and get advice, ideas and perspective from them.

Get a bit of perspective and think of the good things in your life.
Appreciate and be thankful for what you’ve got.
Write down lists of all the good things in your life, the things you enjoy, or the good things you’d like to be or have, if it helps.

Try not to worry, or concentrate on things you can’t change.
Think about what you can change, how you can become happy, and do what you can to become happy.
Do things that make you happy, and enjoy your life. Smile.

Go fly a kite, spend time with friends and family.
Relax, have fun, go on a day trip, take the pressure off.
Think of what you’d like to improve and take steps to change it.

Change your beliefs and change your reality.
Believe in yourself, be strong and do your best.
Flip bad thoughts on their head and think of the good things instead.

Smile, go for a walk, or a drive. Listen to some music.
Be more focused in work, write ‘to do lists’, prioritise and get things done. Go for lunch, socialise and talk to people.

Look at your life and think about what you could improve.
Set goals to improve upon and achieve.
Take action to achieve your goals and dreams.

Beliefs lead to action.
Action leads to results.
Results lead to beliefs.

Anything is possible.
Everything is possible.
Everything is awesome. 😉

Exercise regularly, eat healthily, take care of yourself.
Be careful not to overdo anything.
Relax, read, sleep, recover.
Look at your life and if something isn’t sitting right or feeling right, change it.

Get a pet, volunteer, help others, do what makes you feel good.
Learn to understand what you enjoy, and find out new things you want to learn.
Listen to and learn from other people, learn from books, online, audio books, self help guides.

Stand tall, be confident, wear your cape and fly.

You can spend time being down or feeling unbalanced and helpless. Or you can enjoy life and take control of it.
You can do what you want and you can be who you want to be.

Don’t let the darkness consume you.
Open your eyes to the stars in the night sky,
And the bright sun and the rainbows in sky.
Be you, be amazing, and smile.


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