Insomnia tips

Last night was my third night in a row of bit being able to get to sleep straight away. It took hours to get to sleep, but eventually I drifted off.

I know why I’m not sleeping – I’m thinking too much and not relaxing. And I know through experience what I need to do to get off to sleep.

Hopefully tonight will be better. I am more relaxed and have has a good day, so it should be ok.

Anyway, here’s some top advice on how to get some sleep:

Remember some of the most common sense is often the most uncommon practice, so beware…

1) The Law of Reversed Effort… the imagination is more powerful than the will.. USE YOUR IMAGINATION and Imagine feeling really sleepy. Let yourself imagine tiredness all over and avoid ‘trying’ to sleep.

2) If you find it hard to get a sleep too much then begin to take a book to bed with you and aim to finish it. The art is simple… the less you try and fall asleep the more you will. (that’s the way it works against insomniacs normally.. the harder you had tried the harder it was, wasn’t it?)

3) When you are lying down talking to yourself inside your head at the end of the day, keep talking to yourself the same way EXCEPT change the tone of your voice… make it a really tired, yawning voice… slow and exhausted… this works brilliantly!!

4) Avoid eating too shortly before bed. Drink a good amount of water during the day. It’s important that your body chemistry is in as good a shape as possible.

5) Only spend time in your bed for sleeping or making love . The only time you should be doing anything else is when you are deliberately reading (point 2). Never read until you feel tired. Always read with an aim of reading throughout the night. Even if you succeed, you wont the next night!!

6) Put yourself in a state of relaxation or self hypnosis and suggest that you’ll have a lovely sleep whenever you do DRIFT OFF. Again, avoid trying to use the relaxation to make you asleep. Just enjoy the relaxation itself and let yourself go on a long beautiful day dream about nice thoughts of the future.

7) If you have found yourself boasting about NOT being able to get asleep or have gotten lots of sympathy from others… immediately stop that. Ensure that there are no more secondary gains from this problem.. Focus on how much respect you’ll get now that you’ve already overcome this problem, won’t you??

3 nights broken sleep is enough. Tonight I’m going to bed and sleeping for EIGHT hours. 🙂

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