Self inflicted rest

A few years ago, someone I know well described me and my training:

‘Like a train without a driver’

Always active, always doing something, exercise truly had become a large part of my life. My other half is into it, and probably even more motivated and fit than I am, so it’s easy to swept up and carried away.

However in the last few years I’ve realised that as much as training, exercise and continual improvement is important. So is rest. I realise how much my body can be battered after a long run, or after a strength training session when I’m sore for 2 days after it.

This is where I’ve become cleverer and listened to my body more and included more rest. Being really flexible with my training and knowing that I don’t need to stick to some preset or made up training plan (even if it’s made up by me).

If I take done time out for any reason, be it because I’m tired, or injured as I appear to maybe be just now, it can only do me GOOD in the long run. And I’ll still run the marathon or the race. Training is important, but so is being clever about it.

So now, after Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday resting, my hip flexor feels better. I can only imagine it was a strain from the weights I was lifting on the squat, where a weakness turned into a strain.

I’m still resting this morning, and might do a strength session tonight (no squats), then rest Wednesday as I’m in Edinburgh. Swim on Thursday, rest on Friday then into the weekend and we’ll see what happens.

Strength works tonight?
KB Swing / KB clean n press
Bent over row / Deadlift
Press ups / Shoulder Press
Sledgehammer / Fly

It has been weird doing my self inflicted resting, but good. 🙂

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