Good to be part of the team! :-)

photo 23Ok, so I’m not sure how this happened – but somehow I’ve been included in an online album on the BBC Radio Scoltand’s Facebook page (like the page here if you want to)…. see the BBC Radio Scotland Treadmill Challenge Album … here.

photo 12

I’ve included the photos from the album below… Sport Relief continues at BBC Radio Scotland on Friday morning, on MacAulay & Co from 10:30am… when Judy Murray (Andy Murray’s Mum), Bryan Burnett, Cris Walsh and a group of ‘PQ Runners’ will be running on the treadmill in the foyer of BBC Scotland. 🙂

Here’s what the album on the BBC Radio Scotland Facebook page said today:

As part of the Sport Relief’s Radio Around the World effort to run, cycle and swim around the globe, the team here at Radio Scotland are getting their trainers on and running their wee socks off – all in the good name of charity!

The calm before the storm…

John Beattie ran on Monday….

And I was on the treadmill just after him…

Here he is talking to me… in my shorts and vest he said ‘You look like a real runner.’ 🙂

Here’s me on Monday… getting my sweatbands on…

Excited to be taking part….

I ended up doing 19 minutes on the treadmill…just over two miles… avg HR 147. 🙂

Then on Tuesday Jackie Bird was on the treadmill… the day I was meant to be on the treadmill after her…

And I was planning on trying to beat my previous distance – but I forgot I had a work meeting!! Doh – so couldn’t do it.

Then Sanjiv Kholi was on it one day…

And weather lady Judith Ralston was on it on Wednesday I think…

Then today – Louise White from Morning Call was on it at 11am…

… followed by ….last but not least…my lovely team mate – Annie Craik today. 🙂
(Not in the album on Facebook, but well worth a mention here!)

I still have no idea how I ended up in the BBC Radio Scotland Treadmill Challenge album along with all the Radio / TV Talent… but it was a nice / funny surprise.

I guess it’s because I’m part of the lovely Radio team – either that or I’m really photogenic… lol (ha ha!). 😉

Pity I’m on holiday tomorrow or I could have done a few more miles on the treadmill for them! 🙂

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