Miranda at the Hydro

Tonight we went to the Hydro for the first time to see Miranda Hart on tour – a five minute walk from home, it was a good venue and she was good too.

In the Hydro, Fit Girl got a hot chocolate, and I was about to ask her if she wanted e-coli with it – ha – but I thought better of saying that to her. 😉

Miranda was good: Funny, well written and performed with good audience interaction and links.

Galloping, funny walks, being jolly, having fun like a 3-6 year old, singing, dancing, posh people, being yourself, eating FOUR puddings and not going on a diet, interval match making, changing direction when you realise you’re going in the wrong direction, JASPER the dog (!), having fun, Office Olympics, jumping in a revolving door with a stranger and making up a funny name for your Starbucks order to name but a few.

We were sitting on the second level at the back and had a good view. 10 minutes after it finished, we were home. 🙂

Good wee night out – and Jasper says his ears were burning.

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