Run, swim or cycle around the world!

Next week it’s Sport Relief. I know of and have sponsored a friend, Cathryn Clark, who is swimming 5000m (200 lengths!) for the charity, and next week up be doing my little bit too.

Next week BBC Radio is teaming up to run, swim or cycle around the world – 25,000 miles.

I’m a Talent Co-ordinator in BBC Radio Scotland, and I’ve offered to run and swim for them next week too.

Next week, at my work, on the 2nd floor of Pacific a Quay, there will be a treadmill. I’ve been given a 20 minute slot between 1120-1140 on Tuesday morning to run on it. And other people from BBC Scotland will be doing it too.

For more info on sport reliefs ms our challenge, go here:

Ha ha. I’ll need to look out a nice matching outfit. I’m going to look at treat. 😉

I’m also going to give them all my miles from next week:

Mon: AM 5 miles running PM 8 miles (coaching) (plus 20 mins on treadmill)
Tue: Strength work (plus 20 mins on treadmill)
Wed: Swim (2000m / 1.24 miles)
Thu: 20 miles
Fri: Rest
Sat: Strength or run
Sun: Rest

So I’ll swim and run about 36 miles. That’ll do for me. 🙂

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