VO2 Max Estimates on the Garmin 620

As you probably know, I got my new Garmin 620 the other day. So far I’ve been on two runs and I’m very impressed with it.

Not only does it show you your cadence (steps per minute), vertical oscillation (how much you bounce when you run) and the amount of time you spend touching the ground when you run…along with the usual ‘Garmin Training Effect’ score based on your heart rate, distance and time you’re out running…

…It also estimates your VO2 Max.

Previously VO2 max could only be provided by a lab, and a complicated process, but the Garmin 620 get to know you, and looks at lots of information including your age, your heart rate and the time you take to run a distance, and it gives you a VO2 Max estimate.

I’ve only done two runs with it, but the other day after my 17 mile run, my VO2 Max estimate was 46, so excellent for my age group. Now after another run, it’s got to know me a bit more and has given me a VO2 Max estimate of 48 – now in the Superior category. I like that! 😉

I’ve never had my VO2 Max tested, but even if it’s a little out, the number the watch generates will always be something for me to compare itself against.

The watch also does a clever thing and predicts the times you would do a 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon in.

As you can see after only two runs it’s scarily close to my PBs! 🙂

It’s safe to say I love this watch. 🙂

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