Wk8 into Wk9

Last week was good, 3 runs, a swim / swim lesson, a trip to Edinburgh and 3 rest days. Not to mention a good all over massage on Thursday night, by the amazing Clare at Fitness a Therapy Glasgow.

Remind me to always have rest days after a massage though, as it unfortunately appeared to wreck my calves, hamstrings and shoulders. Lol. It was, a brilliant massage though. 🙂

She asked at the start what I wanted her to work on and I said my legs for my running. So she did and it was great. Then she did a bit in my shoulders and I realised they were tight because of my swimming that morning. So ouch ouch ouch all around.

The 17 mile long run probably wasn’t the best idea after the massage but I’d arranged to do it with the girls and was going to be busy bridesmaid dress shopping at the weekend …

30.5 miles this week, with plenty of rest, plus a wee run on Sunday I think, will probably bring my mileage up to around 35 miles for this week.

Next week, I have a few coaching sessions, and will do a 20 miler on Sunday fingers crossed.

And I’m going to start strength training next week too: simple: a warm up then 4 sets of 4 compound exercises, 10 reps each. Heavy weights, with the odd intense exercise in between sets. And a finisher.

Super Strong Strength, here I come. 🙂

My nose clip and sudafed prevented my sinus headache after my swim, so the plan is to do two swims next week too. 80 lengths / 40 mins each time.

A lateish night at work on Tuesday, and a couple of rest days to help me recover too. Should be good. 🙂

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