Feeling rather special…

I got a lovely email from my Dad the other day – I’d been in touch with him about something over email and he replied…

‘I want you to download “For Baby” (bobbie) from Peter, Paul and Mary’s album “The very best of Peter, Paul and Mary” .

I listened to it when I was sunbathing on holiday, and I thought only of you!…

It brought tears to my eyes that we are so lucky to have you. Because you are special.’

Listen to it and see what you think. Is it any wonder I’m Super with a nice man like that for a Dad?  There’s even a mention of Rainbows in there!  😉


Following on from my ‘Making a difference’ post where I questioned if fast or slow really mattered, I had a great run this morning – I listended to the song as I ran and I kept my HR at around 140. So a very easy (some might say ‘slow’) long run for me today.


The sun started …to come up just after I left and I ran 4 miles into the sunrise, blue, pink, orange, yellow.

Then I ran home with the sun at my back and just as the 7 mile beep went off a faint rainbow appeared in the distance and stayed there in my sights. Now THAT was a good run I’ll remember (much better than any fast / PB run).

Have a good day everyone.  🙂

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