Wk7 into Wk8

So, week 7 of 2014 was a little bit strange. I did my long run for the week last Sunday, in nice weather as opposed to waiting for Thursday and bad weather.

Then on Monday morning I went for my first swim of the year. 80 lengths, followed by a good breakfast, plenty of food and water and a day at work. Not to mention the baddest sinus headache ever as a result of it. So much for swimming 2-3 times a week!

I’ve ended up buying a new nose clip to see of that helps and I’ll try swimming again next week. I really love it but can’t be dealing with the headaches. It knocks me out and makes me feel like I’m hungover or sick and in need of food or sleep. Not ideal!

Anyway, it was good week at work, busy as usual, and I hosted the Controller of BBC Radio 2 who was there to talk about BBC Music becoming as strong and successful a brand as BBC News and BBC Sport. Exciting times.

This week was cool too as my, not so little now, nephew Tomas got to walk out with Messi for the Man City vs Barcelona game. Pretty special, he won it in a competition and it was great to see him on the telly!

Anyway, here’s what training I’ve done this week – pretty restful really:

(Last Sun: 13.1 miles)
Mon: 2000m swim
Tue: Rest
Wed: 8 miles (4.5 miles coaching)
Thu: Rest (PT session)
Fri: Rest (and 3 mile walk)
Sat: 6 miles
Sun: Rest & Swimming Teaching

Three runs, one swim and four rest days. 🙂

Next week I’m planning:

Mon: 15 miles
Tue: Swim
Wed: 6 miles (coaching)
Thu: 3 easy miles
Fri: Rest
Sat: 5 miles
Sun: Rest & Swim Teach

A new opportunity for me
A pretty cool thing happened for me on Friday too, (besides meeting and helping the Controller if BBC Radio 2) – I got an email from a Park Ranger at Darnley Country Park (East Renfrewshire Council).

She’s asked me if I would consider leading a beginner running group from Balgray Reservoir, starting the 9th April, 1815 each Wednesday night for 10 weeks.

More details to be confirmed soon, but it certainly felt nice to be head hunted for the first time in my life. 🙂

I’m sure this will be a good thing to be able to help some more people get into running, being Super and wearing their capes! Roll on April!

After I got her email, I gave her a call and chatted to her about it and we’re both excited to get started with it. When I came off the phone and went back to my desk, look what was there: a nice pretty rainbow.

Good stuff!

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1 Response to Wk7 into Wk8

  1. Susan says:

    Take one Sinutab before you exercise, no headaches!

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