Instead of chocolate?

A friend who is trying to lose weight and has a daily chocolate habit, said to me recently:

‘I have to give up chocolate.’

No you don’t. You don’t have to give up anything. Why would you want to ‘give up’ chocolate? You’re addicted to it and it would be better for you not to have it, but you don’t have to ‘give it up’.

Giving anything up is a bad idea: Negative. It takes you away from doing what you can do, to reduce you to trying up stop doing something (that you love) instead.

Why would you choose to give up something that tastes SO good, and makes you feel so good? You know it’s bad for you, however you have to give it up!

Sure chocolate isn’t the best for you, but giving it up isn’t the answer.

Focussing on what you can do to eat healthier options instead, is the answer.

Here are my answers:

1. Substitution: finding something healthier to eat as an alternative to chocolate. Each time you crave chocolate, don’t. Go for something healthier instead:

Greek yoghurt.
Oats, Greek yoghurt, berries.
Oak cakes.
Green tea.

You name it. Choose something that’s a healthier option than chocolate, and each time you crave a chocolate bar, eat or drink your alternative healthier option instead.

Prepare your food for the day so you instead of grabbing for that sugar / chocolate rush, you eat a healthy well balanced snack instead.

2. Earn it. If you really want chocolate in your diet, earn it! Try not to have it as an every day food, but if you train or exercise a lot, you can probably afford to have the odd treat / chocolate. A bar of chocolate is 200-300 calories. If you really want chocolate, burn that amount or double that amount to earn it!

3. Eat healthier chocolate. Instead of eating mars bars or big dairy milk bars, eat a few squares of dark chocolate. It’ll be too rich to gorge on, but might quench your taste / craving for chocolate.

Substitution and choosing healthier options can apply to many things: fizzy drinks, alcohol, chip suppers, takeaways. Anything that you think is unhealthy, can be replaced by a healthier option.

You just need to CHOOSE to eat the healthiest you can, and prepare to eat the best you can.

For more on habits and being addicted … see here:

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